The Hamptons List™ Magazine Launches Summer 2015


NEW YORK, NY May 26th, 2015– This summer the highly anticipated soft launch of The Hamptons List™ Magazine (BETA) is expected for Labor Day Weekend.  The Hamptons List™ is a print and digital magazine geared toward twenty and thirty-something’s from New York City and the surrounding area with an income and lifestyle that can support summering in the Hamptons.


Editorial Content will revolve around points of interest for Gen X’ers, Gen Y’rs, and professional millennial’s, luxury transportation options (air, land, sea) from Manhattan to Montauk, and ranked listings of trending topics for tastemakers.  A strong focus on user-generated content and a proprietary on-demand advertising application are planned for the official launch event in summer 2016. Audited circulation of 50,000 is expected, with distribution via direct mail to affluent subscribers in New York City and at select high traffic areas in the City and throughout the Hamptons, with exclusive “the official magazine of” status with key luxury transportation providers offering service from Manhattan to Montak. More details to follow.


Local writers, photo journalists, and businesses  interested in contributing content to The Hamptons List™ are encouraged send an email inquiry to


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